About Us


Vision: A modern-age- relevant business school uniquely fitted for the agriculture and agro-allied industry and adaptable to other sectors of the economy.

Mission: To train and help meet capacity building needs of various agriculture and agro-allied ventures emerging from the Nigerian agricultural renaissance and drive towards food security.



 Building entrepreneurial ability of youths for employment in the agriculture and agro-allied industry.
 Capacity building for existing farms.
 Developing new agri-preneurs.
 Enhancing food security of the nation.
 Promoting application of relevant techniques to agricultural businesses.
 Generating employment and promoting employability.

Training Models: Modern technology driven delivery with on-farm practical and visits to relevant farms, firm and institutions.

Trainers: Experienced faculty in field of agriculture, business management and personal development; practicing farmers and food processors.

Training: Modules:
A. Agric Business Management
B. Entrepreneurship and Management
C. Technology and Agriculture
D. Personal Development




FoodWise Consults is the promoter of Agric and AgroAllied School of Business (AASB). FoodWise Consults also organizes seminars and workshops on technical agriculture, business and life skills. The company runs a farming and food processing business focusing mainly on food crops and aquaculture. It will soon go into packaging of foods.

Foodwise Consults seeks partnerships for its businesses.





Foundation For Food Empowerment and Development (FFED)
A non-governmental organization concerned with solutions to the insufficiency of food in Nigeria and other food insecure African nations.

Our vision: A well-fed, healthy and developed Africa.

Our Mission: Building capacity and mobilizing Africans to take control of food security and development processes and actions.

1. Help build capacity for food availability
2. Provide food, agriculture, health, nutrition and general developmental information.
3. Disseminate technologies for food
4. Organize food aids.

 Build information structures all over Africa to ensure access to information on food security, health and other development issues.
 Build skills’ development and training structures
 Make small/medium scale farming more efficient and profitable
 Rebuild the interest of the African youth in agriculture
 Rebrand Africa’s food security efforts.


Agribusiness Incubation: Establish and run incubators for agribusiness start ups

Information, Education and Communication (IEC/Advocacy): Use Television, Radio, Internet media; Distribution of Stickers, Vests, Booklets, workshops and Conferences to give information and advocate.

Skills Training: Organize Trainings in food, business and life skills

Micro finance: Facilitate financing means for small scale agro businesses

Food Aid: Collect food and funds for food from individuals and corporate bodies and distribute to the needy regularly and in terms of emergency.

Consultancy and Partnerships: Consult for and partner with national and international governments, non- governmental organizations and funding agencies and individuals working on any aspect of our work focus.