Food Processor

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October 3, 2018
October 9, 2018

Be A Food Processor

Food processing for personal usage often requires simple or manual techniques.However, mass food processing is a delicate process because of implications for health and life of many people. Careful handling is needed whether in drying, grinding, canning, bottling or boxing in cartons. You can save some costs by processing food and storing for future use; you can also do this as a business becoming an agro processor.

Fruits can be dried or processed into juices to extend shelf life and made available all year round. Dried foodstuffs are made into powder form and stored for easy preparation and storage. We will be promoting drying technologies called Dehydrators and other food processing equipment.

Additives: adding troubleĀ 
The addition of colorants to make food attractive is common all over the world. However,the use of additives including colorants, flavors, preservatives, acidulants and anti-oxidants, are regulated in many countries due to dangers associated with inappropriate use of them while many developing countries simply do not have the structures for proper regulation. You need to be aware of the hazards to health posed by additives and better choose to eat your food in its natural color.