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September 27, 2018
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October 2, 2018

Welcome to FoodAfrica Magazine publishing different ‘Thoughts on Food’. We are thinking about food and would like you to spare some thoughts on food beyond just eating. Learn about how food is cultivated and processed, good nutrition, food safety, health and other issues connected with food. Nations in Africa need to give serious thoughts to food for many reasons. One of the criteria used to rank nations in terms of development is the availability of food for the citizens. Most rankings put Nigeria and most sub-Saharan African nations at the bottom.

For Nigeria, despite huge earnings from oil, the nation is food insecure. The simple solution of food importation has turned the nation into a huge debtor as a large percentage of earnings goes into importation of food and other materials and equipment that should have been by-product of a thriving Agricultural sector.

We believe that Nigeria and other African nations can be food giants.We want to share our understanding of food issues and probable solutions with you. We also want to empower you with skills, knowledge and information to be part of the solutions. If you are already a farmer or food processor, you will benefit from the platform we create for information to enhance your work, networking opportunities and generally learn about improved methods and how to grow and make your agribusiness more profitable. We want to be your link to improved technologies.

We will be showcasing what Agriculture is in the developed world to encourage those who see it as local or poor men’s occupation. Are you in a position to make or affect policies about food? There is a lot you can do to save this generation and the future from starvation. We will be sharing our opinions as food advocates. This magazine promises to give Agriculture in Africa, a voice. We will be speaking for farmers, agriculturists, food manufacturers and everyone who eats and needs to secure the means for food. There is an urgent need to avert famine in our continent and region by investing in Agriculture and promoting sustainable food availability. There is need to enable agriculture produce the multiplier effects of employment generation through the development of value chains and industrialization. We need food and nutrition security.

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Mission of FoodAfrica Magazine

  • Addressing the issues of food availability in Africa.
  • Giving African Agriculture a voice.
  • Promoting population development through agriculture, adequate food and nutrition.
  • Providing information on various aspects of food especially to those interested in production, processing, marketing and preparation.
  • Highlighting problems associated with various steps in the food chain that is from farm to table and proffering the means of solving the problems.
  • Motivating individuals, governments and firms to take actions towards making Africa a continent of food surplus.
  • Showcasing individuals, governments and non-governmental organization, firms and farms
    concerned with and taking actions towards food security.
  • Providing information on food research findings and technological breakthroughs.
  • Helping you stay healthy.
  • Making you generally more aware about food and agriculture.