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What We Do
at Food Empower

A Food and Development Group

Agric and Agro-Allied School of Business (AASB) - We offer Certificate Trainings for Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Employment in food, agriculture and allied sectors. As well as Agricultural Business Incubation.

FoodWise Consults - Consultancies in Trainings and Advisory services related to food and agriculture - Food Production, Processing, Packaging and Sales.

Foundation For Food, Empowerment & Development (FFED) A non-government organization empowering people with skills ,Organizing & Supporting Food Aid programmes and Disseminating information on food.

FoodAfrica Magazine

A rich menu of information and discussions related to food production,
processing, marketing, technologies, policies, trade, food security and government and private sector efforts on food.


FoodAfrica Magazine debuted in 2004 with a print edition. We are now glad to join the league of on-line magazines. FoodAfrica Magazine is here to enrich your knowledge of food security issues in Africa and particularly in Nigeria.